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GRIT - Good Relations iFacilitation Course

The GRIT Peace training course is a comprehensive program designed to equip trainers with the necessary skills and competencies to work in the field of peace facilitation and dialogue. Here’s an overview of what this training course offers:

The course is aimed at individuals who aspire to become trainers and facilitators in the peace and dialogue field.

The training course is flexible, offering both face-to-face and digital models, utilising blended learning techniques. This adaptability allows participants to engage in the program utilizing all preferences and circumstances.

Participants will focus on developing competences essential for peace, dialogue, and human rights training delivery. These competences encompass a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary for effective facilitation in this field.

The course covers various modules, including:

Module 1 – 28 November 23  Old Market House, 77 Main Street Bangor , 5th December  Online  2-4pm

  • Building Positive Communities: This module teaches strategies and techniques for fostering a sense of community and cooperation in diverse settings.
  • Citizen Participation: This module will focus on encouraging and engaging citizens in the democratic process and in community decision-making.

Module 2 –24 Old Market House , 77 Main Street Bangor ,9th January   Old Market House, 77 Main Street Bangor  2-4pm 16th January online

  • Politics and Democracy – Ireland/UK: This module explores political and democratic processes, both current and historical, in these regions. It may also examine the role of politics in peace and dialogue efforts.
  • Women in Political Life: This module will explore the role and representation of women in political processes.

Module 3 – 23th January 24 Old Market House , 77 Main Street Bangor , 30th January 24 Online  2-4pm

  • Diversity and Inclusion: This module will address the importance of inclusivity and diversity in peace and dialogue initiatives.
  • Conflict Management: This module will cover conflict resolution techniques and strategies.

Module 4 – 13th February 24 Old Market House , 77 Main Street Bangor  20th February online

  • Facilitating Dialogue: This module will teach skills related to mediating and facilitating constructive dialogues in potentially tense or conflicting situations.
  • Facilitating Individual and Group Learning Processes: This module will focuses on instructional and facilitation techniques.

Module 5- 27th February 24 Online  2-4pm

  • Evaluating Training Courses and Workshops: Participants will learn how to assess and improve the effectiveness of training programs.

Module 6 – 5th March Old Market House , 77 Main Street Bangor

  • Digital Learning and Inclusion: Given the importance of digital technology, this module will cover how to incorporate digital learning and ensure inclusivity.

Delivery Format:  The training will be delivered through a blended approach, with a combination of in-person sessions at the Bangor training room, online sessions, and one-on-one mentoring. This format allows for a flexible and personalized learning experience.

Duration: The training spans approximately 10-12 sessions, in addition to mentoring and research meetings. This indicates that the program is relatively comprehensive and are aiming to start the first module in December.

Overall, GRIT Peace training course is a well-rounded program that equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in the field of peace facilitation and dialogue. The blended approach and the variety of modules make it adaptable and valuable for aspiring trainers in this important domain.

If you would like to register, please complete the attached pre application form, This will be followed up by a telephone call.  If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact